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(Lactation) Tres Leches Jar Cake

(Lactation) Tres Leches Jar Cake

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Moist, fluffy, soft... If this is what you're looking for in a cake, this is for you.

Milk boosting ingredients such as: flaxseed, coconut, rolled oats (blended with the milk) is added.

Topped with unsweetened whipped cream. You'll fall in love with it!

Soaked overnight in 3 milk - condensed milk (oohhhh it reminds me of my childhood!), heavy cream & fresh milk (contains flaxseed, rolled oats).


Note: We made it less sweet. (so it's safe for our greedy kiddos to consume! :p)


Comes in a set of 3 jars:

1. Original (soaked in our popular smoothie base, heavy cream + condensed milk.)

2. Pandan (Yums! 100% pure pandan extract made from scratch. Not artificial flavorings! Soaked in our popular smoothie base, heavy cream + condensed milk)

3. Milo (soaked in our popular milo choco smoothie, heavy cream + condensed milk.)

If you'd like to change flavors, please indicate in the NOTES box before checking out. 


Recommeded: at least 1 jar a day. 


Do read the FAQs on storage guideline before purchasing.