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Lactation Quinoa Pot (Bundle of 3)

Lactation Quinoa Pot (Bundle of 3)

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hate the taste of oats? try this!

quinoa is known to be a superfood and it helps to boost your milk supply.

quinoa is one of the most protein-rich plant food & it is high in fiber! it is extremely low in calories too so yay!

our quinoa is NOT instant (much healthier) and we simmer it for 25 minutes before adding other milk boosting ingredients! yums!

contains milk boosting ingredients such as (but not limited to): coconut, medjool dates paste, flaxseed, organic white quinoa, chia seeds

please key in the flavors in the above 'NOTES' box before adding to cart.


flavors available:

- adzuki beans

- black sesame

- lotus biscoff

- mango

- oreo cheese

- coffee dalgona with shortbread

- milk tea dalgona with shortbread

- whipped cream with shortbread